After 22 seasons, South Park has learned the same hard lesson as The Simpsons

Okay, I will straight up say this list will pretty much be Wendy and Bebe. I am sure the other girls have moments but those two are my home girls. This scene? She gives him nothing but an eye roll which gets a chuckle out of me because Stan is being dramatic. Another reason, I love this scene is it just adds proof to my head canon of Bebe being the group support system. I know that might be a stretch from just that one scene but a lot more has been stretched from smaller scenes. I enjoy the gradual twist. She starts off perplexed and annoyed by the questions seemingly giving Cartman the upper hand and suddenly flips the switch. I love that Wendy is able to be apart of both the group of boys and girls.

In South Park with my head in the clouds

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Stan never got a chance to finish his dare with Wendy, since Roy had him cut fight, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman visit them and start another fight between them.

Wendy is Stan Marsh ‘s on-and-off girlfriend, and is also the most outspoken of the 4th grade girls. She’s not afraid to go against the grain of what’s popular or trendy and stands up for her principles and causes, most notably in her stand-off against Photoshop. Wendy is one of the most intelligent students in Herbert Garrison ‘s class and is one of the two main voices of reason against Eric Cartman , discovering his forgery in the Save our Fragile Earth contest and calling him out on his Breast Cancer jokes.

She’s not above teaming up with him though or kissing him such as at the Flag Debate. Also worth noting: she arranged for her substitute teacher Ms. Ellen to be shot into the sun by Iraqis and has beat the crap out of Cartman. She and Stan split for a couple years, putting him into a brief depression, before getting back together after they exposed the conspiracy to alter the Cutest Boys’ List. She has since taken over leadership of the List Council.

People with Wendy Testaburger DNA are often there to provide the kick in the ass that other people need to get their shit together. Wendy’s had feelings for Stan Marsh since the pilot episode , where the two worked together with Kyle to save his little brother from the Visitors.. Nonetheless, the two formed a relationship – meeting up for Truth or Dare in his clubhouse , planning fake cruises for Valentine’s Day and seeing independent movies together at the film festival.

‘South Park’: Matt Stone and Trey Parker Name Their 15 Best Episodes (and 53 Worst)

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South Park has some surprisingly sad moments for such a crude comedy and these are Click the button below to start this article in quick view which follows Stan and his descent into deep depression after Wendy dumps him. Full House: Which Character Should You Date, Based On Your Zodiac?

Living… in South Park, Colo. Profession… fourth-grader at South Park Elementary. Stan also is an active if not especially accomplished youth athlete, which his dad invests a ton of emotion into watching. Relationship Status… single. Stan is generally well liked by the ladies. Although he has successfully kissed Wendy several times, she makes him very nervous and most of his kissing attempts end with Stan vomiting on her face.

Ahh, young love. He has a low tolerance for B. Personality… even-keeled, though susceptible to periods of depression. When Wendy dumps him, he stays in bed for days, then turns on his best buddy Kyle to go brood with the Goth kids. The opposite of this state would be his moments of animal activism. Once he takes to the high seas to fight Japanese whalers. Stan likes animals because they are the opposite of human adults — they are simple, self-contained creatures in a way that is antithetical and perhaps mutually exclusive to being a hypocritical idiot.

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Stan Marsh

So of course some of the below are going to be for more adult readers. I want to feel his salvation all over my face. There are a lot of boobs out there. I know you think this set of boobs is important now, but those boobs will be replaced by another set of boobs.

The throwing up originated one night late in high school, during a date that went very comical reaction: Like Stan Marsh in South Park every time Wendy walks by, I barf. But then I starting throwing up before I had to administer an exam.

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Who knew that a show as funny as South Park could have such sad moments? After all, one would think a show involving abuse, broken families, cancer, death, and debilitating loneliness might be a little happier. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have used their masterpiece to offend viewers to the point of utter hilarity, but they have also made more than a few tear jerkers for fans.

As Stan fights to stop a shopping network from exploiting the elderly, Cartman gets in on As the boys prepare for a thrilling zip lining trip, boredom starts to creep in. When a new girl moves to South Park, Cartman plays cupid and later tells a lie Kanye West shows up at South Park Elementary after Wendy claims Kim.

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South Park

Crude, juvenile and sometimes plain absurd, it might have been difficult to imagine the show to be as successful as it is today. However, in the past two decades, this Comedy Central powerhouse proves to be an instant classic, spawning some of the greatest TV moments and characters. Some prove to be very popular with fans, while others are more of a hit-and-miss. But now, without further ado, here are the ten best supporting South Park characters who have demonstrated that they can shine in their own right — when given the screen time.

His first appearance is in the episode Towelie , often appearing out of nowhere to give South Park residents towel advises.

Stan is generally well liked by the ladies. He dates his classmate Wendy Testaburger, or at least what passes for “dating” in fourth grade. Although he has​.

When Clyde forgets to put down the toilet seat, his mother dies — and that’s just the beginning of the fun in Season 16 of this animated series. After Clyde commits a mistake in the bathroom that inadvertently results in a death, the government steps in to regulate the safety of all toilet bowls. As Stan fights to stop a shopping network from exploiting the elderly, Cartman gets in on the grifting game with a cash for gold business.

The boys use a political event to promote their favorite meme as other trends go viral and vie for their participation. When Butters shows up to school with a black eye, a counselor pressures the students into making an anti-bullying video. As the boys prepare for a thrilling zip lining trip, boredom starts to creep in.

When a new girl moves to South Park, Cartman plays cupid and later tells a lie about Kyle to ensure his matchmaking goes according to plan. When Randy’s protests about football inspire the PTA to invent a new version of the game, it goes on to become a national sport. When Cartman accepts his weight and starts using a mobility scooter, Kyle helps make a documentary about Cartman to criticize society’s lack of shame. Convinced that a delivery man is sleeping with their wives, the men of South Park plot to take action and protest against UPS.

When Butters starts acting out, his parents reveal his Hawaiian roots and urge him to return to his birthplace to participate in a special ceremony.

The 25 Greatest ‘South Park’ Moments – Updated

Stan and Wendy were happy with each other and were going to get married. He obsesses over her and begins to spend all of his parents’ money at the restaurant. There wasn’t one girl in the whole school that didn’t want him, even a few boys desired him. And what’ll happen when someone else gets involved, wanting to pull you away from this dumb choice you have made? What happened after that is unknown.

South Park Sexuality and Relationship Master List Stanley “Stan” Marsh • Stan is Bisexual • Status: It’s complicated with Wendy Testaburger when Nichole shows interest in Token again, and the two tentatively start dating.

At the end of season 1, viewers were promised that the identity of Cartman’s father would be revealed. But instead Parker and Stone devoted the season 2 opener to flatulent Canadian comedians Terrance and Phillip. Matt Stone: I love that episode. It’s so fing weird, and it’s so different, and the fact that nobody else really liked it makes me like it more.

The show’s deliberately crude animation was married to more sophisticated styles in the demented tales of this episode and the next two, featuring, respectively, ninja weapons, gaming, and hallucinogenic cat urine. It adds this other level to see that animation style in with our crappy paper stuff.

31 of the funniest South Park jokes and quotes

Stendy is the romantic pairing of Stan Marsh and Wendy Testaburger. It is one of only a handful of canonical pairings. The canonicity in this pairing is very obvious. They have been attracted to each other for quite some time before the show even started, apparently. Season 1 usually featured Stan and Wendy’s relationship regarding holiday traditions: Halloween, Christmas and then Valentine’s Day – each nearly 2 months apart.

Stan got Wendy, but it was him that approached her. After all, he is currently dating a girl (Heidi Turner), although there are speculations below that he’s secretly South Park Studios will eventually start doing commercials for Dr. Pepper.

Please share this around if you can! However I do adore this blog and these characters and it pains me to not be able to have the time and energy to continue on with this blog. W: Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate all the love! I wanted to cut it this short originally and its so nice to finally style it the way I wanted! Not to mention how great it is to feel the breeze on my neck!

K: I meant gay as a compliment.

Stan and Wendy break up/ All out of Love