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Jump to content. Guys, for those of you who buy a new tank from WG, and then wonder when grinding it and NOT paying gold To instantly upgrade it, why you are in battles which seem difficult. Hello llo1, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Support for your request. Please understand that the Matchmaker is not related with the penetration system, so if you wondering why you can not pen the enemies armor the Matchmaker is not to blame. I hope that we could at least respond to your request to your satisfaction and we are aware that you are not fully satisfied. If there are other questions left, that you do not hesitate to contact us again so we can solve them together. Your feedback matters! Fill in our survey once your issue is resolved.

French Heavies-Really THAT awful?

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However, looking at Todays event I see the French are able to field the AMX (​), ARL (), Lorraine 40T (), C.

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 7. Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 8. The AMX M4 mle. Development of this heavy tank started in The vehicle incorporated several design features of the Pz. VI Ausf. B Tiger II tank. The vehicle existed only in blueprints. The AMX M4 45 can be considered an evolution of its predecessor play-style. It uses the same guns as the ARL 44 , which are less outstanding for its tier, but with improved rate of fire, accuracy, and aim time.

Although the M4 45 sports better track protection, its overall armor is weaker than the ARL 44’s, and very poor for its tier.

Buying a new tank?

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TIL – WoT Blitz, the mobile port, still has the pre nerf KV-1S and ARL 44 with the barn turret. r/WorldofTanks – TIL Also +1/-1 tier matchmaking! Meaning you.

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TIL a mobile app for world of tanks is a thing. I saw this post 3hrs ago and since then, I haven’t the game down! Thanks for that! I’ve been saving for a desktop and itching to play.

how to play arl

The ARL is a post-war heavy tank project, purely intended for French engineers to refresh their knowledge on tank development after the end of the occupation period. Although the tank was developed too late to participate in hostilities, it did fulfill its purpose to serve as a base for future French tank development, giving engineers valuable experience that would be put to good used in the decades to come.

This involved, among other things, the revival of all French military branches. The situation was looking particularly desperate for the army, as most indigenous equipment and tanks were manufactured in the s and the most advanced in use at the time was equipment left behind by the Germans. Thus, in November , the decision was made to design a heavy tank with relatively modest specifications.

Staff from several design and manufacturing state companies were assigned to the project and work on what would become the ARL began. Initially, the new tank was required, apart from using existing tank parts, to have a weight of 30 tonnes, a top armour thickness of 60mm and a primary gun of the 75mm caliber. As the engineers were limited to using existing parts for their new machine, it very quickly became apparent that the amount of innovation that was possible for the new machine was equally limited.

Run for the hill! – ARL 44

Posted March 29, The only good tank in a line? What about the sherman firefly with its tier VII heavy gun? Posted March 8,

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OverallBurrito7 my regular 85 has like 6,09 sec reload and 85m has like 4,30 or smth. Also credits and crew training. Thanks for uploading to YouTube quite frequently. Jakob Pesl weve all been watching him for a long time, I didnt really notice how long its been but its been so much fun. Evem if its a complaint or rant he always comes back and actually shows you fun. Traditional nostalgic wot fun consistently.

Weak points of ARL 44

Jump to content. Screw my elders!!!! World of Tanks a game where it’s 1 versus The yellows are your only hope.

ARL 44 matchmaking – posted in Heavy Tanks: Inspired by a thread on the US forums by Garbad, which I unfortunately cannot find anymore.

Doch wie geht man hier am besten vor? Im Prinzip ist es ganz einfach. Aber dann doch wieder nicht. Soweit so gut. Aber wie geht man die Suche wirklich am besten an? Und das obwohl sie optisch und technisch noch gut in Schuss sind. Wenn das Fahrzeug aus der EU importiert wird und bereits vor Super oder? Aber es kommt noch besser.

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World of Tanks ARL 44 – The Turd on Tracks