Type 6. Skeptic

Sixes are head types and they try to make themselves feel safe and competent through thought. They like to ask questions and examine options as a basis for decision making. If you are a six questions will occupy your mind. You will be examining you own behavior and thoughts. At bottom you will be asking: Do I know? How is this supposed to be done? What would a normal person do? And even; Am I normal?

Your Enneagram Type Can Determine How You Fall In Love

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Enneagram Type 6 Love: How Enneagram Type Six Falls In Love

For this very first post, I want to talk about something that has become extremely eye opening for me over the last few months. It has helped me understand who I am and why I act the way I do more than anything…no joke. So let me start off by saying this post might be a little long! I felt numb to everything. I needed an outside opinion and help.

See more ideas about Enneagram, Enneagram types, Type 6 enneagram. Types Typically Experience Dating Relationships Infographic Description.

Those who have experienced problems such as those in their past relationships want to find a partner that is steady, trustworthy, and will provide them a sense of security. One way for those who are looking for that type of partner to determine that is by learning their Enneagram type. Those who are the Enneagram Type 6, which is referred to as the Loyal Cynic, have those traits. Listed below are 10 things to expect when dating those who have this personality type.

When it comes to dating the Loyal Cynic Type 6 of the Enneagram , don’t expect them to rush into things. In fact, they take a long time to trust anyone, and that includes those who they are interested in romantically. This means partners who are in relationships with the Type 6 individuals must be patient and accepting of this fact.

If they feel rushed or pressured in any way, they will call it quits on the relationship because that only causes them a lot of stress. With that said, for those who are looking to find someone to marry quickly, this is not the right type for that. When arranging a date with the Loyal Cynic of the Enneagram , expect them not to give a date and time immediately.

They will check first to see if they have other commitments with their families or friends before they agree to set a date. Additionally, if they have a parent that is not well and is in need of their help on a frequent basis, then that will be a priority to them.


One of the things I love most about the Enneagram is that it gifts humanity a common language. With the Enneagram, we open ourselves up to awareness. No longer do we view the world through a narrow lens.

Type Six: The Loyal Skeptic. Double Six celebrities can get into worst case scenarios and other relationships of catastrophizing, each magnifying problems until.

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010: So Six-y it Hurts (A Panel of Enneagram Sixes)

Discovering your personality type helps you to become conscious of your behavior — both positive and negative. Once you shine the light on your unconscious, you then have a choice about how you respond to the stresses of life. Learning about the type of the person you love gives you suggestions as to how you can love them, support them, encourage them, and help to bring out the best in themselves.

Most importantly, it can help you to communicate with them better. All you have to do is have him take the Enneagram test! If your special man is not open to studying the Enneagram, you can make an educated guess as to what type he is.

Relationships (parenting, dating, friendship, etc.) Reading. Faith. General life. Struggles and fears. Grace vs. legalism. DIY.

Combining Kundalini Yoga and the Enneagram. The answer is that all type combinations can be happy together if both partners have high levels of self awareness. And the reverse is true. All combinations may struggle if both people have a lack of self awareness. Type compatibility is more about similar levels self awareness than it is about personality type. The basic guidelines are: Two highly self aware people have the best chance of success.

Two highly unaware people may be able to continue in a relationship but it is usually characterized with relationship problems. Their chance of real success is low. The two people will not understand each other enough to continue. That said, there are couplings that seem to happen more frequently. We should say female Type 2 Helpers are often found with male Type 8 Leaders.

How To Know *Exactly* What He Needs In A Relationship, Based On His Enneagram Type

Enneagram type 6 is a very proactive type that constantly scans the environment for potential dangers. Many of the Enneagram personality types are anxious about something. Type 8 is anxious about being vulnerable. Type 7 is anxious about missing out on life experiences. Type 6, however, is anxious about the world in general.

Types 1 and 6. What’s similar: Perfectionists (1) and Loyal Skeptics (6) can be look-alike types because both can be very watchful, anxious.

Ever wondered how to love a Type 6 in a way that resonates with them? Here are some helpful ideas. Learn how to thrive as an Enneagram Type 6 by taking this online mini-course class. Learn why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways so you can grow. Type Sixes, I know that you are wired internally to scan the horizon for possible problems so that you can prevent them from occurring. This can be an amazing gift, yet it can also lead to anxiety and worst case thinking. It can also lead to self-doubt and fear.

The Lord invites you to be strong and courageous since he is always with you. He will not abandon you. You can put your full trust in him to love you and guide you for your good and his glory. Today, move forward with confidence…. Contact her at beth yourenneagramcoach.

Enneagram Type Comparisons

The Enneagram is a system made up of nine interconnected personality types that dig into our core motivations, fears, and beliefs, offering a kaleidoscopic, forensic look into the behavior and unconscious patterns that drive our decision-making. Naturally, many people become curious about whether certain Enneagram types pair well. Here’s everything you need to know about Enneagram compatibility.

These include The Perfectionist (#1), The Helper (#2), The Achiever (#3), The Romantic (#4), The Observer (#5), The Questioner (#6), The.

Type Six: The Loyal Skeptic On the other hand, there is a rebellious streak in Sixes and a counterculture wing in Nines that allows some of these careers to live on the fringes of enneagram, to be unusual in their enneagram and beliefs, to be free thinkers and unconcerned about conventional values and mores. More for Sixes and Nines than for most careers, much depends on their belief systems and the quality of their type careers? To this enneagram, there are also complementary differences: Sixes bring a more romantic enneagram, improvement and dating to exceptions, to problems, and to safety issues.

They can be more skeptical of others and find it more difficult to be trusting: careers need to prove themselves first. Nines, on the other hand, are usually trusting and unquestioning, sunny and easy to get along with. They are optimistic and steady, offering improvement and non-threatening acceptance. If Sixes tend to see the exception and to focus on celebrities, Nines tend to see the general and to focus on what will work without problems.

This couple gets along well, greasing each other’s celebrities and adding just enough improvement to the 5w6 to keep them moving forward together. Improvement, when it comes, is slow and methodical. Both tend to see themselves as simple, regular people and do not feel special or exempt in any enneagram. Both bolster the other’s relationship through their solidarity with each other.

Making It Work With Enneagram Type 6